The smallest 4×4 forklift of the market among the 2,500kg lifting capacity. Minimum maintenance. 50HP and wheel motors

The TW25 is the most powerful forklift truck with the highest lifting capacity 2,500 kg in the compact range, which allow the user to work indoors and outdoors. It measures 2.1 metres in height and only 1.7 metres wide. Adding the 3.7 meters external turning circle, this model allows enhanced manoeuvrability and the ability to work in tight environments. The 35 cm ground clearance is a guarantee to overcome obstacles such as sinkholes, chasms, kerbs, stones, etc.

One of the most important technological aspects of the TW25 forklift truck is the use of the hydraulic motors on the axle of each wheel. These motors are coordinated by an anti-skid block system that distributes the effort of each wheel ,improving the efficiency of the energy transmission from the motor to the ground with best grip results.

This technology places the TW25 at the technological forefront of the forklift market. There are several reasons: wheel motors weigh less, with fewer components and simpler mechanics. It means almost zero maintenance costs and significantly lower fuel consumption. Due to the reduced size of the wheel motors it makes it possible to upgrade the design of the truck, gaining greater ground clearance and improving weight distribution. The implementation of this technology generates enhancements for driving – much easier, safer and more comfortable, more efficient and extremely low maintenance costs.

This model has several technical aspects that are worth looking at. The first of these is the 50hp Perkins Stage III A motor. Agrimac’s engineers have prioritised the use of a mechanical motor to ensure minimum unit maintenance costs. Thanks to it, the user will save on service parts and labour.

Wheel motors

Zero maintenance

Compact size

24 km/h on 4x4

The TW25 cooling system has two independent radiators: one acts on the central engine and the other on the hydraulic circuit. This extra cooling capacity ensures a 50 degree constant oil temperature even in high demand moments.In this way, all oil-immersed elements are protected and the forklift truck benefits from a longer useful life.

In terms of safety the negative brake automatically fixes the vehicle to the ground when the engine is switched off. In terms of comfort the TW25 brings: a quality, adjustable seat as well as a mast design that allows a wide view of the cargo and operations.

A further aspect of comfort is the truck’s ease of operation. Driving is so simple that a first time user becomes a skilled as a operator on his first day. For load handling moments, the TW25 features a slow inching approach system that facilitates accurate loading and unloading results.


Perkins 404D-22 • III A Stage • 4 cylinders • 2.200 cm³

36,5 kW • 50 HP • 139 Nm


From 0 to 24 Km/h
Slow approximation system: Inching

Poclain hydrostatic wheel motor

4×4 TW25-4


Front 10,0/75-15,3″
Rear 7,0/12″

Turning circle:
Outer: 3.725 mm
Inner: 2.225 mm

Hydrostatic to all four wheels
Servo to front wheels
Parking system automatic to front wheels

Mast options:
Duplex: 2.50 m, 3.14 m and 3.60 m
Triplex: 4.00 m and 6.00 m

Unladen weight:
3,780 kg with 4 meters high triplex mast (TR-2401)