Hydraulic wheel motors, 1,600kg lifting capacity, up to 4m high.

Thanks to wheel motor technology, the TW16 forklift, designed in 2019, is placed in the forefront of the industrial and logistics sector. The hydraulic motors located in the each wheel axle provide a perfect transmission of power to the ground, thus gaining in efficiency and minimising the loss of energy between combustion and translation. This type of equipment is much simpler than the old one with differential axles, has fewer mechanical parts, less weight, less fuel consumption and requires less service. In other words: longer machine life with greater savings in fuel and maintenance.

The wheel motor feature incorporates an anti-skid block system coordinating the effort of the wheels. It provides more or less power depending on the action of each wheel allowing the assembly to work in sync. This ensures a perfect relationship between the wheels and the size of them becomes irrelevant. The grip is assured in all circumstances and surfaces.

The TW16 forklift truck is powered by a 25 HP Kubota diesel engine, which guarantees the highest performance without reducing its useful life. This engine has a peculiarity that makes it very valuable. It complies with Stage V emissions without the electronic injection or particle filter requirement. It means savings in filters (avoiding filter regeneration) and savings in engine servicing ( since the engines with electronic parts involve higher service costs).

In accordance with the European Union regulation this Kubota engine is limited to 2,300 rpm and 19 KW. However, the torque remains at the initial value: 92.5 Nm. In this way, it provides high power with a low fuel consumption.

Wheel motors

No maintenance needed

Compact size

Mechanical engine

With a height of 207 cm, a width of 140 cm and a ground clearance of more than 40 cm, the TW16 is unique in the market due to the combination between the so small dimensions and such strong power. The 4 m external turning circle emphasises the agility and manoeuvrability in very narrow environments such as building industry, greenhouses, orchards, vineyards. And even the rental market.

The hydraulic wheel motor technology does not require periodic overhauls or component replacement, so, in practice, there is no need for repairs. The system contains fewer mechanical parts than a standard differential axles. In addition, the self-lubricating system engaged by the transmission oil, keeps the components in optimum condition during the work sessions. A single oil system is used for all components. Along the oil circuit there are several minimex, which allow the user to verify if the working pressure is correct in accordance with the optimal parameters of the hydraulic system. All of this configuration, including the engine Stage V that does not require a particle filter, highlights a model with a near-zero maintenance cost.

The TW164forklift represents a technological leap in the forklifts sector, including the Agrimac own range. It’s the evolution of the TH-160 includes major improvements difficult to surpass: the wheel motor technology, more compactbetter balanced, higher ground clearance and lower fuel consumption.

It develops very smoothly during loading and unloading tasks. The slow approach inching system provides flawless precision in the handling operations.

This forklift moves with great reliability in rough terrain and overcomes obstacles such as kerbs, stones, mud without flinching. This happens thanks to the magnificent weight distribution on the chassis, the large size of the wheels, the anti-skid block system and of course the 4×4 WD.

The cab of the TW16 is designed to offer panoramic visibility, with an ergonomic and adjustable seat that brings a high level of comfort. The negative brake is a proper aspect of safety. It is an electro-hydraulic brake automatically activated when the engine is stopped.

1,600 kg

Kubota V1505 Stage V • 4 cylinder • 1.498 cm³

18,5 KW • 25 CV • 2.300 rpm • 92,5 Nm


From 0 to 18 Km/h
Slow approximation system: Inching

Poclain hydrostatic wheel motor

4×4 – TW16-4
4×2 – TW16-2

30 %

Front 10,0/75-15,3″
Rear 7,0/12″

Turning circle:
Inner: 2.375 mm
Outer: 4.075 mm

Hydrostatic to all four wheels
Servo to front wheels
Parking system automatic to front wheels

Mast options:
Duplex: 2.50 m, 3.14 m and 3.60 m
Triplex: 3.00 m and 4.00 m

Unladen weight:
2.480 kg (DP-1236)