Hydrostatic elevation, travel with 4x4 traction from wheel motor. 130cm wide.

The TW12 is driven by a three-cylinder and 19 KW Kubota engine that generates 25 horsepower. It lifts 1,200 kilograms up to height of 3.6 metres. It has a considerable capacity despite being a small machine. It is easy to operate and moves fast: with a top speed of eighteen kilometres per hour and is capable of navigating slopes of up to 35%.

It is a compact forklift and, at 1.30 meters wide with narrow wheels, the narrowest on the market. This characteristic makes it ideal for agricultural use in fields with narrow crop lines. It is very popular among the harvesters of grapes and other fruit crops who stack three 400-kilo fruit crates simultaneously.

Its large capacity, safety and easy handling make it ideal for being driven and operated by users who are not very accustomed to working with machinery.

This model comes with different configurations for the mast: this can be 2.50 m, 3.14 m or 3.6 m duplex or a free-height three-metre triplex.

In-wheel motors

Zero maintenance

Narrowest size on the market


The TW12 has a robust structure designed for tackling demanding tasks on very complicated ground conditions in adverse weather. It is a very reliable machine. Except for its Japanese built Kubota engine, all of its parts, from the mast to the wheels, are of the highest quality and manufactured in Europe. It includes a minimex system for detecting hydraulic faults and repairs can be carried out without having to dismantle the hydrostatic system. All of the elements involved in the machine’s transmission are self-lubricated using oil taken from the transmission. Due to all these features, it is considered to be a maintenance cost free forklift.

This is, without doubt, the most suitable forklift for those who are looking for a short-term investment financially and a long-term one maintenance-wise.

1,200 kilos

Kubota D1105

18.5 KW @ 3000 rpm • 25 HP


From 0 to 18 Km/h
Slow approach system

Poclain hydrostatic wheel motor

4×4 TW12-4
4×2 TW12-2

35 %

Front: 11.0 – 65 R 12
Rear: 23×8.5 R 12

Turning circle:
TW12-2 Outer: 3.700 mm • Inner: 2.000 mm
TW12-4 Outer: 3.900 mm • Inner: 2.200 mm

Hydrostatic on drive wheels
Servo on front wheels
Automatic parking system on front wheels

Mast options:
2.50-m duplex
3.14-m duplex
3.60-m duplex
3.00-m triplex

Unladen weight:
2,100 kg